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The Right Capabilities Brought Together to Deliver Training Solutions

Transforming Employer Training

Altierus Training Solutions (ATS), part of nonprofit ECMC Education, provides technology-enabled training that pairs with hands-on training in the field. With innovative, industry-vetted programs that leverage deep experience in career and technical education, ATS aims to transform the way industrial companies hire, train, and upskill their employees.

The growing talent and skills gap in our economy requires a multi-pronged approach to solving it. Our nation’s school systems can only solve so much. Industry training cooperatives can help bridge the gap. Yet, employers still face talent shortages. The straightest path for employers to meet talent needs is often generating it themselves. Altierus Training Solutions can help.

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From Plug-in to Custom Training Solutions

By leveraging our integrated capabilities and unique combination of resources, we can work quickly and collaboratively to create a training plan for your organization, whether a plug-in solution to an existing program or an all-encompassing, custom solution where a training program does not yet exist.

  • Plug-in Training Solutions

    From curriculum review and design to technology tools that bring learning to life

  • Custom Training Solutions

    From training innovation and market testing to learning environment construction

Core Capabilities for Serving Partners

  • Curriculum Design & Delivery

    Organizations have unique training needs, requiring thoughtful choices in both curriculum design and delivery. Competency and skill-based training can take many forms—linear vs. adaptive, hands-on vs. technology-based and contextual vs. cognitive. Choosing the right combinations and levels of each can make all the difference in outcomes and experience. Other considerations include meeting safety, compliance and professional requirements. Let our professionals work with yours to create and deliver the training your teams need to succeed.

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  • Training Management

    Your employees are your greatest asset. In today’s competitive hiring environment, employee development and retention are more important than ever, helping to reduce turnover and limit the need for sourcing new talent. To assist your training efforts, Altierus Training Solutions can help you hire, coach and evaluate talent while maintaining high standards and demonstrating key outcomes. We can also implement system and reporting tools to track progress against training objectives.

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  • Innovation & Market Testing

    Organizations often need extra help developing employees to support expansion or transformation efforts. Large organizations, in particular, can have disparate training systems and processes that vary by region, adding complexity. In such cases, conducting targeted training experiments, leveraging agile methodologies and testing new delivery mechanisms can help illuminate the right solution. ECMC Education can lend its expertise to help you bring such solutions to market and scale them for growth.

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  • Learning Environment Buildout

    Industrial and healthcare settings require specialized machinery, equipment and tools that can only be truly mastered by working hands-on in the real environment. In such cases, developing or expanding a physical learning space represents the best way to grow training capacity. Physical learning spaces can be at a company site or centrally located between multiple company sites. ECMC Education is your partner in the outsourced construction of learning spaces.

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An Innovation-Based Approach

Our economy—with the people, organizations and technology driving it—is transforming at a rate rarely seen in history. Education and employee training must transform with it. That's why ECMC Education is passionate about pioneering new approaches to learning that improve speed to competency and increase access to learning, whether through scale or lower barriers of entry. Furthermore, to help people adapt to rapid change and reach their potential, technology needs to put into human terms. Our pursuit is finding technology-enabled training solutions that put them in charge.

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Altierus Training Solutions

Altierus Training Solutions is the entity within ECMC Education that develops employee training programs for organizations.