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Building a Better Talent Pipeline and Workforce Together

Turn Conversation Into Action

ECMC Education can help turn your training and development challenges and ideas into a tangible plan of action. To help kickstart the process, take us up on a complimentary needs evaluation and project scoping assessment. Starting with a simple conversation works, too.

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How do I get started?



How do I get started?


Benefits of Employer Partnerships

Learner Benefits

  • Career Pathway
  • Professional Skills
  • Field Experience
  • Technical Knowhow
  • Built-in Learner Support

Employer Benefits

  • Curriculum and training aligned with your standards
  • Company acculturation through apprenticeship opportunities
  • Vetted pipeline of qualified employees
  • Differentiated recruiting and retention opportunities
  • Increased brand awareness through co-marketing efforts

How Philanthropic Organizations Can Make a Difference

  • Fund a Training Program in Your Community


    Co-design a training program to meet workforce needs.

  • Dedicate a Scholarship to Students in Need


    Create a scholarship in your organization’s name.

  • Donate Resources That Make a Difference


    Sponsor a lab or donate equipment in your organization’s name.

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